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"Traveling is my endless source of inspiration: Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Russia, USA, Canada. I am always on the lookout for an image that excites - riveting beauty of the almighty sky over the lake, interiors filled with mixed belongings, the movements of boats on the water, the edges of cliffs, the constant interaction of the elements, the roar of the ocean, the tranquility of the tiny villages..."

"In March of 2001 I moved to Corner Brook, NFLD with my husband. I did so with the genuine fear that I might be lost in that very small world without the opportunity to practice my profession. This new place filled with enormous natural beauty captivated me, awakened my passion for the art and turned my solitude into a world of painting. Being charmed by astonishing changes, from extraordinary fearsome winter landscape to the tranquil green of summer, I dedicated myself to full time artwork with awe-inspiring passion and thoroughness."
Experimenting with silk painting opened one avenue in my art - uniquely enchanting images, where I choose materials and processes that are slightly out of my control to encourage the unexpected. However, I don't accept every 'happy accident'. I do a lot of editing based on intuition, my intentions, and my knowledge of art.
The development of my work with oils, both in technique and the nature of the imagery, has come about not through any self-conscious process of analysis, but naturally and openly through the work itself, as the work suggested, directed and required - through layers of brilliant colors incorporated with a blend of simple story, nature, and abstractions."

Natalia Charapova - An Artist

A Russian by birth, an architect by training and an artist by nature.
Natalia Charapova at thirteen was accepted to the Art School in Russia (for 5 years) and studyied in various media with well-known Russian artist Alexander Gromatskis.
Natalia immigrated to Canada in 1991, and worked as an architect with a number of companies in Canada and the USA. In 2001, she turned to art as a full time job.

Natalia has exhibited in Russia, the USA and Canada. Her work has been extremely well received and part of numerous collections.