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The landscape and culture of Newfoundland and Labrador provide a wealth of material for visual interpretation and have been the inspiration for most of my work. Most of my work is strongly influenced by my emotional involvement with the island of Newfoundland. I am passionate about what happens here, proud of its culture and exhilarated by the landscape.

Recent paintings are of a land magnificent in its natural beauty. Although we consider these landscapes our place in the world, my claim is a particular moment, when I have seen, sketched and consequently included you, the viewer, in a glimpse of a landscape of such permanency that time is irrelevant and the intrusion of man mostly insignificant.

Light and weather in the changing season, through rhythm and force, create a constant shifting of lines and emphasis in a landscape that, even though it remains the same, is never static and is endlessly variable. The effects created by the weather in constant motion, so typical of the Newfoundland environment, and the many light variants of season, sun and storm are a few of the effects on northern landscapes I continue to pursue.


Recent exhibitions

Impressions of St. John's

Outport Lights
March 2012

Night Lights of St. John's
Feb 2010

- Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
- Bank of New York
- Canadian College of Family Physicians, Ottawa
- City of St. John's
- Newfoundland Housing Corporation
- Newfoundland Historic Parks
- Atlantic Lottery Corporation
- Many Private Collections

- 1960 Memorial University of Newfoundland - Arts.
- 1964 Royal Victoria Hospital, Quebec - R.N.
- 1971 Willesden College of Design, London, England - Design.
- 1984 Studied under Clara Catherine Nelson, Alfred State University, Alfred, New York, US
- 1984 Watercolour with Marion Steele, Rockport, Mass. USA.
- 1986 Oil painting with Charles Movali, Rockport, Mass. USA.
- 1987 Acadia University, Nova Scotia, Fine Arts and Art History