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Exhibition of Figurative Work 2016 page two



Venus callinged jpeg

Venus Calling
Rodney Mercer
Acrylic/Acklyd/Oil on Canvas (30" x 36")
 tax in

Marilyn jpg

Bill Rose
Oil on Canvas  (24" x 20")
$3,000 tax in

National Gallery2 jpg

National Gallery of Art (D.C.) #2
David Baltzer
Oil on Panel  (48" x 24") 
$2500 tax in

Queen of Newf jpg

Queen of Newfoundland
Jennifer Morgan
Acrylic, Paper, Rope on Canvas (36
" x 24") 
$1,400 tax in

Sons of Erin2 jpg

Sons of Erin
Brenda McClellan

Oil on Canvas (18" x 24"
 $1300  tax in


tuesday rocket jpg

Tuesday Lunch Rocket Bakery
Ilse Hughes

Oil on Canvas (30" x 40"

$2,900  tax in

rain over brigus jpg

Rain over Brigus
Veselina Tomova

Mixed Media (14.75" x 22") 
$1290 tax in

Wilderness Woman jpg

Wilderness Woman
Sylvia Bendzsa
Acrylic on Paper (28" x 22 ") 
$700 tax in



Cubby House Cove jpg

Cubby House Cove
Louise Markus
Acrylic on Canvas (30" x 24")
$2375 tax in

Fish Tale jpg

Fish Tale
Sarah Fletcher
Acrylic on Canvas (10" x 12")
$305 tax in  SOLD

Mother Tree

Mother Tree
Rachel Ryan
Fabric Collage, Machine/Hand Embroidery (60 " X 19.5")
$565 tax in


Double Nude jpg

Double Nude
George Horan

Oil on Canvas (30" x 34")
$4,180  tax in


Rugger Action

Rugger Action
Ilse Hughes
Acrylic on Canvas (24" x 36")
tax in


Whirling Dervish jpeg

Whirling Dervishes
Terrance Hounsell
Photo: Giclee on Canvas (36" x 30")
$790 tax in